Alois Hába (1893-1973)
Cesta zivota (The Path of Life) Op. 46 (1933)
Smetana Hall, Prague, 31 Jan 1935
First full concert with the CPO, special concert (Premiere)

Czech Philharmonic Orchestra

Smetana Hall, Prague, 06 Sep 1935
XIIIth ISCM Festival, 01-08 Sep 1935

Czech Philharmonic Orchestra

Dvorak Hall, Prague, 10 and 11 Mar 1960- Recorded

Czech Philharmonic Orchestra

Matka (The Mother), opera Op. 35 (1927-29)
Staatstheater am Gärtenplatz, München, 17 May 1931
Ferdinand Pujman, staging-Frantisek Zelenka, scenogtaphy (In German ; premiere ; rehearsal in Berlin by Karel Ancerl,repetiteur ; Hermann Scherchen, conductor)

Tina Debusser, Marusa - Max Mali, Kren
Orchestra at Gärtenplatz München

Umelecka Beseda, Prague, 27 May 1935
Pritomnost concert (and other works by Alois Haba). Introduction by Mirko Ocaédlik (Vocal quartet from the 1st scene)

Asa Slavicka, - Ruzena Balcarova, - Edita Skuhrova, - Jarmila Vavrdova, soprano

Grand Opera of the Fifth of May, Prague, 23, 25 May, 06, 12, 18 and 25 Jun 1947
Jiri Fiedler, staging-Josef Svoboda, scenography- Jan Kropacek, costumes (Czech premiere)

Milada Musilova, Marusa - Karel Reiner, quarter-tone piano
Grand Opera of the Fifth of May Orchestra

Prague, Jun 1947

Karel Reiner, quarter-tone piano - Asa Slavicka, - Ruzena Balcarova, - Eva Wolkerova, - Jarmila Vavrdova, soprano

B 11066 (78) (vocal quartet from the 1st scene)

Nova Zeme (The New Land), overture Op. 47 (1936)
Smetana Hall, Prague, 08 Apr 1936
Pritomnost Festival, Contemporary music concert (Premiere)

Czech Philharmonic Orchestra

Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, Paris, 27 Jun 1937
XVth ISCM Festival, 20-30 Jun 1937, in cooperation with Exposition Internationale de Paris, 25 May-25 Nov 1937

Orchestre Philharmonique de Paris

Prague, 17 Mar 1949- Recorded

Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra (SOCR)

Symphonic Fantasy for piano and orchestra Op. 8 (1920-21)
Radiopalast, Prague, 28 Apr 1938

Karel Reiner, piano
Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra (SOCR)

Wallachian Suite for orchestra Op. 77 (1952-53)
Dvorak Hall, Prague, 29 Oct 1953
Gala concert of the Union of Czech Composers (Premiere)

Czech Philharmonic Orchestra

Za Mir (For peace), cantata for mixed choir and orchestra Op. 68 (1949)
Prague, 26 Oct 1949 (Premiere)

Prague Radio Chorus - Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra (SOCR)

Prague, 26 Oct 1950

Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra (SOCR)

Karel Ancerl Discography