With the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, 1950s (Frantisek Slama Archive)

Czech Philharmonic Orchestra line-up, 1950s (Frantisek Slama Archive)

Barvik, Khrennikov, Culaki, Khachaturian, Ist Congress of the Union of Czechoslovak Composers, April 1950

With David Oistrakh and Milos Sadlo, Prague Spring Festival, May 1950

With DO and MS, Prague Spring Festival, May 1950

"Our Music Fights For Peace", IInd Congress ot the UCC, Feb 1951

Zdenek Nejedly, IInd Congress of the UCC, Feb 1951

With Hermann Abbendroth, Prague Spring Festival, June 1951 (Photo : DRA/Hartmann)

With his wife, 1952

With his sons Ivan and Jiri, 1952

After a concert in Dresden

1954 (Photo : CTK/Alexandr Hampl)


20 May 1954

With Sviatoslav Richter, Prague Spring Festival, 20 May 1954 (Photo : CTK/Leos Nebor)

With Evgueni Mravinski, Prague, May 1955

Going to Romania, Sep 1955

With the CPO, Bucharest, 28 Sep 1955

With Antonin Zapatocky, 04 Jan 1956


With Yehudi Menuhin and the CPO, Musikverein, Wien, 11 June 1956 (Frantisek Slama Archive)

In rehearsal with the CPO before a performance at the Royal Festival Hall, London, Oct 1956

RFH, Oct 1956

With his sons and his wife (Jiri Ancerl archives)


With Vaclav Talich on a gala concert held in Talich's honour, Prague, 06 Jun 1957 (Photo : CTK/Jiri Rublic)

With Ida Haendel, Prague, Oct 1957

With Leonid Kogan, Prague, Nov 1957 (Photo : CTK/Viktor Lomoz)

With Günter Raphael and Erwin Milzkott, Berlin, Dec 1957

With the CPO, Jan 1958

With Vaclav Talich, 05 Jan 1958 (Photo : Chvapil)

In rehearsal, Prague, 1958


With Galina Barinova and Evgueni Mravinski

With the CPO

With Dean Dixon, 23 Mar 1958

An American tour that never took place, Spring 1958 !

In rehearsal wih the CPO, Wien, June 1958

With the CPO, Musikverein, Wien, June 1958

With Claudio Arrau, Kassel, 17 Oct 1958

Nürnberg, 26 Oct 1958

Dresden Apr 1959

With Jiri Pauer, 1959




With the CPO, 25 Mar 1959

Before a concert at the Rudolfinum, Sep 1959 (Photo : CTK/Jiri Jinda)

With concertmaster Bretislav Ludvik, 10 Sep 1959

10 Sep 1959


In New Zealand, Sep 1959 (Photo : Fiedler)

In New Zealand, vith Jiri Pauer, 22 Sep 1959

Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne, 04 Oct 1959 (Frantisek Slama Archive)

Melbourne (Photo : Gsölhofer)


Sydney, Oct 1959

Wth Nikolai Malko, Sydney, Oct 1959

World Tour, Japan, Oct-Nov 1959

In Japan, Nov 1959

(Photo : Gsölhofer)

With the CPO, Sapporo, 25 Oct 1959

In Japan Nov 1959 (Photo : Fiedler)

With Pandit Nehru, in India, Dec 1959

A dance school welcomes KA, Delhi, Dec 1959 (Frantisek Slama Archive)